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? TF || iOS Closed Beta is Over!


this is a message to the iOS testers for Tank Force. Extreme developers just posted a message on their FB page.

We were forced to stop the closed beta test on iOS platform.

The main reason for it – a long period to get every update approved from the Apple side.

In some situations, it may be good, the company cares about their customers, to let them receive products of high quality. But isn’t during the test period. When testers receive updates with a 2-3 days delay.

It leads to the situation when players with different versions of the game meet each other. So more bugs, more misunderstandings.

So it’s impossible to make a normal testing in this situation.

We are sorry for the premature stopping of tests.

Back to the question about the game release on iOS and MacOS.
It will be available when we will get a stable open beta phase (or release phase) when updates won’t be so often and the in-game shop will work.

iOS owners, leave your feedback about the game in the comment section. We know that it was a really short period of tests but we sure, that you already have feedback for us!

So anybody who played in this short test period can leave their feedback here in the comment section. We will provide the developers with your concerns and ideas. 😉

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