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? TF || Some developing news


as you know we have close contacts with the developers of Tank Force. Almost every day we’re talking with them regarding bugs, suggestions, questions from within the community, etc. On a daily basis the developers are working hard on making this game better and for doing that they listen to the community and take their notes into account. Therefore we want you to know if you have any questions, suggestions, bugs, etc. you can send everything to us and we discuss it with the devs. Or you can just use the support option in-game.

Past week we talked with the devs about the matchmaker. As you know the matchmaker takes every tank in your hangar into account in order to create a battle for you. The highest tank tier is mostly the Battle Tier you end up in. So if you have f.e. 1x Tier I, 1x Tier II and 1x Tier III in your hangar then you’ll probably ed up in a minimum Tier III battle. You can even end up in a Tier IV, V battle. For the moment this isn’t a big problem because most of us are grinding the two tech trees simultaneously so we will always have approximately the same Tiers in our Hangar. Nevertheless this will be a problem if new tech trees – like the upcoming Chinese one – will be introduced into the game. Then we will encounter situations in which we will have higher Tier tanks and (very) low Tier tanks. With the matchmaker as it is now we will not have the possibility to play the Tier I Chinese tank because the matchmaker will throw us in high tier battles.

The developers acknowledge this upcoming issue and told us the following:

We will not release the Chinese Tech Tree until we have addressed these matchmaker problems. We have an idea of giving the players the possibility to make their own tankpool. The tankpool will exist out of a number of tanks from your own choosing which you want to use to go into battle. So the current method of looking at the highest Tier in you hangar in order to create a suitable battle will be gone. 

This would be a very good thing! We will have the opportunity to create a pool of tanks with f.e. just Tier I and II tanks and another pool with only high Tier tanks, etc. All not chosen tanks will remain in the hangar during the battle.

Yesterday we got a new feature in update 3.20 – sharing on Social Media. But when we tried the option the system just won’t connect with your social media accounts even if you click those buttons. We got a reaction from the devs:

The Social Media feature is still in development status.

In other words this feature wasn’t quite done yet but got already implemented in the game. So no worries ladies and gentlemen … it will be fixed or further developed in the near future.

Also we spoke with the devs about an issue that occurs regarding “Deep Water“. Sometimes you drive through “deep water” and then an icon appears on the right side and starts to count down. If you leave the deep water the icon should disappear. But there are situations in which that icon doesn’t disappear and all of a sudden your tank blows up. The blowing up part is because the system thinks you’re still in deep water. But actually you aren’t. Look at the videos below to see what we mean:

This is what we got back from the devs:

We still have to fix several issues with that “Deep Water” mechanic.

In other words they are aware of this bug and will address this in the future. A man can only do one thing at the time, can’t he!? 😛

This is the most important stuff we talked about for the last week. We also talked about other minor bugs or suggestions and those were already implemented into the game the last several days. Again if you have questions to the devs about the game or you have suggestions you may always use us as a channel in between yourself and the developers of Tank Force. We will gladly transfer al of your questions, suggestions, bug report, etc. to them.

Also this: keep in mind that what the developers told us can’t be taken as a certainty. With that we mean that there can always come other important things in between development which can delay some stuff they are working on for the moment. So take “time related” issues we address in this article with a grain of salt. Near future can be tomorrow, next week but can also mean next month or even later. 😉

As for now we’re off … see you on the battlefield!

P.S.: There’s also a Tank Force Discord (not ours):

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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