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? TF || Update 3.24 patch notes


over night we got a new update for Tank Force on Steam. We went from version 3.20 tot version 3.23. And like always we have the patch notes for you.

  • Now we can see the names of the maps on the loading screen of a battle
  • Capturing the base time has been decreased from 100 seconds to 60 seconds (more players on the base – faster capturing) ?
  • Tank orientation to the edge of the map has been fixed
  • The zone of capturing the base now has visual area ?
  • Experiment on Al-Ayuin map: 1 base for both teams.
  • Distant shots became more silent ?

The devs keep investigating the problem with endless loading at the start of the game (that some players have). For that, we have released a special log system, so if you have that problem – just make a screenshot and send it in the comment section.

We also have some things for Android:

  • Game optimisation for Android
  • Works on aiming, must be less shaking (Android)

So if you’re wondering what happened with the other versions 3.21, 22 and 23 … don’t ask! No … kidding … that has all the do with the fact that releasing the game on the game market has to be with a different version number every time. Even it’s a very small thing the devs changed the game has to be given a new version number.


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