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? TF || Update 3.26 Patch Notes


just now Update 3.26 went live on the battle servers. The developers needed a little more time than expected but it was worth it! At first sight this seems a big and interesting update. Let’s have a look at what’s new.

TF won’t remove the profiles database!

So all beta-test progress will stay with you!

Great? Of course!

There is several BUTs that you should know:

BUT №1: It is a still a test version of the game.

BUT №2: Participating beta-test means report all found bugs, etc. If you will use them consciously to take in-game advantages – your profile will be removed.

So let’s talk about changes.

 List of changes 

  • Lots of changes in balance and economic system.
    TF is warning us that the balance and economic system are still in a testing stage. The devs are keeping an eye on the data.
    Current settings may be changed before the game gets officially released.
  • Added alternative control type
  • Solved bug with endless loading on the start screen
  • Problems with missed rewards after the battle have been solved
  • Ammunition prices have been changed.
    Golden ammunition prices have been decreased.
    Common ammunition prices have been changed for each vehicle.
  • The mistake of difference between displayed damage of shots in the hangar and real damage in the game has been fixed. Real battle damage was higher than displayed. Now the displayed damage is equal to real damage.
  • According to changes in damage dealing system, all hit points of tanks have been decreased at 50%
  • All vehicles prices have been changed also. Cost of some tanks has been decreased a lot.
  • Daily rewards have been changed and increased
  • Premium vehicles have been removed except the BMP-4 and Leopard 1A5
  • Big changes in matchmaking system.
    Tanks were separated into more groups and chances of big jumps between them have been significant decreased.
  • Drowning has been disabled until there’s a fix
  • Situation, when the battle delay leads to the hangar has been solved
  • Changes in tech tree: you can now go from the T62M to the T72 Ural
  • Changes in tech tree: Centauro 120 goes to Merkava
  • Changes in tech tree: M41 DK1 has been moved to the level 3 of light tanks
  • Bonus damage of golden ammunition has been decreased from 25% to 15%
  • Bug with wrong prices of camouflages and decals have been fixed
  • Tank movement has changed, now it became more smoothly
    (we don’t have bumper cars anymore!)
  • Amount of upgrades in the module system have been increased
  • Respawn points have been fixed
  • Premium camouflages and decals duration has been increased from 2 hours to 4 hours
  • Premium tanks gives you +50% extra silver now
  • Portuguese has been added
    (thank SoldierLoc for translation)

So … these are all the changes in this update 3.26. It is still necessary that everybody keeps on reporting bugs etc. This can be done through the Discord channel, FB page, FB group or even here through our website!


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