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?️ TF || Hot fixes 3.26


yesterday we got Update 3.26 which gave us a lot of big and important changes!

Let’s first say something about that Update. It came to our attention that not all players were very happy with that update. The reason for being upset is the lesser damage that can be dealt and the health points that got decreased. You have to keep in mind that this game is still in beta mode! That means that us players together with the developers are still searching for the best and optimal way to get this game released officially. Therefore the game has to be balanced as good as possible. Of course it isn’t funny to see your beloved tank get decreased in health points and maybe dealt damage but again this is still a beta testing environment. You have to see it like this: we early testers know and feel the difference but new players won’t know better. For them it will be the first experience with a balanced game and that’s all that matters. Please keep this in mind before raging about changes in the tank specifications or even the changes in the economy system.

Since the Update 3.26 we already got some hot fixes:

  • BMP-4: health points decreased
  • T62: health points decreased
  • T72: damage increased (m.h.o. way too high!)
  • Bug with level progression got fixed. Now we level again like before update 3.26 (Personal Rating)

We are still in beta mode. So everybody who can must give feedback about everything. Do you encounter bugs? Let the devs know. Do you have suggestions? Let the devs know! Getting in touch with them can through the support feature in the game or you can just visit the Tank Force Discord server or Facebook group. You can also contact us and we give everything to the devs.

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