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Code of War | Mobile 1st person shooter

Hello soldiers,

a few days ago we got to know another game of the Extreme Developers studio, called Code of War. We immediately went for the Windows Store to install the game on our computer in order to test it out.

First of all we have to keep in mind that this is ment to be a mobile game. Yes you can also play it on a PC through the Windows application, but in fact it’s just a mobile game – not a high end PC shooter game. That said we got to work with it.

First things first. Right after we started the game we could already see that the entire setup of the game – surroundings, mechanics, etc. – are the same as with that other mobile game of that development studio we play, Tank Force. But instead of playing with tanks, we play with soldiers.

The best way to show you guys everything about the game, just watch the video below:

Do you guys play this game? If yes, do you play it on the PC or on a mobile device? If no, are you going to try it out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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