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Lunaform | Introduction + GIVEAWAY

Hello everybody,

today we want to talk to you about a game we got to know by playing the game Trove. Let us explain a bit. While playing Trove we get to know new people every day and one of those people is actually an employee of the developers team called Chronobit Studios.


Chronobit Studios is the creator of a game called LunaformLunaform is a puzzle arcade game in which you either have to be smart or very quick.

The game can be played on different platforms as Steam and Android devices. On a PC it works under Windows, Mac and Linux. On top of that this game is very enjoyable on touchscreens.

It’s a bit like breakout, but instead of destroying all of the blocks your trying to fill them up. Swap the hexes just in time to catch stars of the same color, and fill up the grid to complete the level. Sounds easy at first, but later on increasingly complex star patterns emerge, and the hex grid gets larger as you work on harder planets. Your goal is to finish constructing the solar system by building each planet, accomplished by beating each level.

There are 36 different levels in the game. This gives you the opportunity to have a couple of hours fun. Even more because you won’t do every level in the first try. Like said earlier it’s more difficult than it looks at first. The game is called Lunaform and this has everything to do with the fact that you have to create planets. With every level you fulfill you’re creating more parts of the planet until you reach the maximum forming level of that planet. In total there are 5 planets to create and there’s an additional one hidden.

How to play?

How do you play this game? There are a few mechanics in play:

  • Click to swap hexes and catch stars of the same color and fill them up. Hexes need 3 hits to be filled, and 5 to be destroyed.
  • Click and hold to speed up all of the stars
  • Bumper Hexes change the direction of stars to get hard to reach hexes, or divert opposite color stars
  • Locked Hexes create a challenge by letting the player find ways to fill them without swapping them directly
  • Core Hex is a hex that must be protected, if it gets destroyed then your planet forming fails
  • Bigger grids with multiple colors, where some hexes must be destroyed, and some must be filled. The challenge comes from what you choose to destroy, as it changes your position and what you are vulnerable to
  • Normal Stars fill a matching color hex by 1, or damage an opposite hex by 1
  • Nova Stars explode in a radius to fill or damage multiple hexes by 1
  • Suns has 2 normal stars rotating around it, fills a matching color hex by 2, or damages an opposite hex by 2
  • Arc Stars move in an unpredictable arc filling or damaging hexes by 1


There are also some useful upgrades that you can buy in the game with the earned in-game credits. Those upgrades will help you a lot in fulfilling the missions. These are the available upgrades:

  • Time Stop – Stops all star movements, to give you a few seconds to swap hexes freely
  • Shield – Puts up a barrier around hexes to prevent them from being damaged by the opposite colored stars
  • Shield Swap – Whenever you swap two of the hexes, it shields them both for a small amount of time
  • Star Barrier – Produces a moving barrier that changes the color of the stars
  • Hex Splash – When a hex is full, if it gets hit by the same color stars it will begin to fill adjacent hexes
  • Star Sweeper – Clears all the stars on the screen


According to Chronobit Studios this game was like an experiment for them. They are already working on another game that will be their masterpiece. That game is called Beyond The Wind. But more about that game later on.

We played Lunaform already and it’s a really enjoyable game. When you have some time to spare you can play it wherever you are on an Android device. That makes it easy accessible. But also on the PC it’s a cool game to play!

Keys to give away!

The game isn’t free. You have to pay 0.99€ on Steam and Android. That’s not much and it certainly worth it if you like an arcade puzzle game. But … we got a couple of keys to give away … for Steam users as well as Android users! It’s first comes, first served!

Steam keys

Android keys

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