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World of Tanks | A little “double-barreled” tank – MTLS-1G14

Hello tankers,

let us tell you a story about a very small fellow that stood strong against his peers, over and over again. Firing his double-barreled gun he shoots his way through the battlefield and disappears again as fast as he came. His name is … MTLS-1G14!

The MTLS-1G14 is the only tank in the game with a double-barreled gun. If you run into one by any chance keep this in mind, as it can level most tanks at its tier.

This tank has never been made available for purchase on any server. A few have been handed out through special circumstances like reward for alpha testers on the American server.

It was planned to be available on the Russian Portal in a special Gift Box edition along with the BT-SV, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J and SU-85I and the enclosed code would valid for use on the RU, EU, NA and SEA servers. Unfortunately they were never released in a box set though. However several were released to players on the RU server, other than press accounts and WG staff accounts.

The last few weeks there were rumours that Wargaming is planning something with this vehicle. They would make it accessible to the greater public. And those rumours could be right because we found out that the game data for this vehicle is changing. The developers are working on a well balanced model for this double-barreled – both working barrels by the way – vehicle.

Pay attention because here are the changes:

  • Speed limit
    • 55/22 km/h (42/16)
  • Hull
    •  Weight:
      • 13.336 kg (11.200)
    • Health Points:
      • 184 HP (200)
  • Suspension MTLS T1
    • Weight:
      • 3000 kg (2000)
    • Load limit:
      • 20.000 kg (17.350)
  • Turret MTLS D1
    • Weight:
      • 2.000 kg (1250)
    • Health:
      • 46 HP (50)
    • View range:
      • 280 m (320)
  • Gun 37 mm dual automatic cannon
    • Elevation arc:
      • -11/+22° (-10/+25)
    • Reload time:
      • 4.6 s (15.2)
    • Aim time:
      • 1.5 s (1.71)
    • Burst:
      • 2/120 (2/480)
    • Weight:
      • 54 kg (358)
    • Accuracy:
      • 0.42 (0.48)
    • Shot dispersion factor:
      • 0.12/1/2 (0.16/2/2)
    • Clip:
      • 2/120 (2/480)
  • Engine Hercules HXE
    • Power:
      • 500 hp (240)
    • Health:
      • 104/52 HP (78/39)



The tests on the Supertest server will output data which will be used to make a choice whether this vehicle can be offered to the greater public or not. You’ll have to wait and see if this is going to happen.

Until next time …

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