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Paladins Battlegrounds | Removed from the Paladins game!

Hello Paladins,

with the release of Open Beta 66 we got a new game mode within the game, called Battlegrounds.  But if you start the Paladins game nowadays you will discover that the Battlegrounds mode already got removed from the game.

HiRezChris, the new Executive Producer for Paladins, tells us why they made this decision:

Thank you so much to everyone that has been helping us test Battlegrounds over the last few weeks — first on our public test server, then starting yesterday in a larger scale Alpha running in the main game client.

The job our team has done on this mode in such a short time is incredible — and I first want to give a huge shout out to our employees that have really rallied around and embraced this new way to play Paladins under seemingly impossible deadlines.

After seeing the results of our recent external testing and some exciting internal tests of additional changes to the mode, we’ve decided to make a few big changes in regards to Battlegrounds:

  • We are going to remove the alpha version of Battlegrounds from the core Paladins game, effective tomorrow.
  • Over the next few weeks we are going to make a number of aggressive changes to the mode that, based on internal testing, we think will make it considerably more engaging and fun. Our codename for these changes inside the Studio has been YOLO — if that gives you any indication of what lies ahead. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as we have in initial testing.
  • When we re-release the mode, it will be in a separate game client under a different name. The mode will have the current map and some of the elements from Paladins as well as some significant changes — but it will be re-launched as a NEW GAME.    We expect it to be free to play, with monetization around skins and visuals.
  • We hope to start public testing of an early alpha mode of this new game as soon as we can (within weeks).

Why make this change?

In short — we think that the things that are necessary to make Paladins Battlegrounds great and amazing are in conflict with the things that will make the OG version of Paladins that we all know and love great.  Right now, we are in a spot where the changes we need to make to each mode are in conflict with what the other mode needs. We think that having separate teams focus on separate games will produce a greater result.  We also don’t want users to be confused about what Paladins is and should be: Paladins should be the best damn hero shooter ever made — and we want the Paladins team focused on that goal. We’ll aim to do the same with the Battle Royale game and the team working on that.

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