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Robocraft | No more lootcrates!

Dear mech warriors,

according to the developers of Robocraft the majority of the community dislikes the loot crates that are offered in the game. They say that the loot crates are giving them the feeling that there’s a bad RNG nature to it and that it provides a P2W feeling. Therefore the devs decided to remove the loot crates entirely from the game.

But … on the other hand … now that they mentioned this to the community they are still searching for some kind of confirmation as well. They ask the community one more time to react on these changes and if it really shows that the community hates the loot crates in their current form then they’ll remove them immediately.

  • We’re removing crates 100%
  • We’re adding back a Tech Tree and Tech Points
  • We’re adding back Tiers, but just 3 of them
  • We’re removing Boosts
  • We’re rewarding Robits based on performance in battle
  • We’re adding Daily Quests in place of Daily Crates
  • We’re adding a Cosmetic Credits currency so you can buy cosmetics that you want
  • We are removing all ways of buying parts with real money (aside from cosmetics)
  • We’re keeping Premium as the only way to speed up progress, but reducing this to +25% (existing Premium users will keep +100%, all other Premium benefits will remain)
  • We’re planning to add a Skill Tree for vets
  • None of this is set in stone as we want to get community feedback first
  • It won’t all be implemented together at once (as it will take a while), we will implement it and release it in steps so you get the changes faster

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