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Tank Force | About the next update

Hello tankers,

as you probably know already we are waiting for the next update that could be released at any time now. We are already waiting for that update for a very long time. It was promised to us end last month, beginning this month but as you know we still didn’t get it. What is the reason for this? We asked the developers about it.

Also there was a message on their official Facebook page a couple of days ago, informing us about the next update. In that message there were a couple of things that made the majority of the community pretty angry. We went to the developers with this and asked them some explanation. We got something back, but I think we’re still not going to like it.

Okay … step by step we’re going to glance through some answers we got for you.

No Daily Tasks?

Why aren’t we getting the Daily Tasks as promised?

The daily tasks are still not working like they should. We don’t know how long it will take us to fix the issues we still have and that is why we want to release the next update without them. Otherwise you guys would have to wait way too long. The Daily Tasks will be in the next update approximately 2 weeks after this update.

As if we are not waiting long enough already???

Our programmers are working a lot on the technical side of the game. A couple of things are broken and those have to get fixed first. Putting the priority to the daily tasks would also mean that we would implement them in a broken game. And that is not something we want to do.

Also this …

I can’t go in detail about certain kind of things but we had a setback in the development team as well. Things we didn’t expect.

Good news?

It seems that there’s also some good news …

We got the “green light” for long term game support with the full team’s strength, without releasing other projects.

We guess this means that there will be more time for Tank Force and Tank Force only, instead of dividing their strength over several games in their arsenal.

What about the new Consumable Supplies?

Alena, the new administrator for the Facebook page, wrote in here post: “applying the shell or saving it …”. Even Denis “Magic_Unicorn” doesn’t understand what she wants to say with that. He talked to her about consumables supplies. Probably something went wrong in her translation to English. English is not really one of her strong suits. That makes you wonder why she got it to administrator in the first place!?

Current supplies

To be clear about it: the current supplies (fire extinguisher, repair kit, special cored shells, etc.) stay the same! Nothing is going to change about those consumables.

New consumable supplies

The new consumable supplies will be offered for gold. Not a very great amount but for gold nevertheless. According to Denis “Magic_Unicorn” they don’t want to break the game’s balance by adding OP stuff to the game. Therefore the choice of delivering them for gold. (note: this is a bit of a strange explanation if you ask us. Presenting it for gold or not will not change the fact that those supplies will be OP??? ) But also he says that those consumables will NOT be OP because they will have a long cooldown time and a short active time. Meaning that they will not have a negative effect on the battle. (note: that seems to be proven, still).


Starting from the update the gear we have installed on our tanks will have a wear-out. Currently if we sell gear we get 100% of our money back. Due to this wear-out we will only get 80% of our money back.

Somehow this makes sense because the development studio has to get their money from somewhere. Otherwise the Tank Force project will die eventually. On the other hand we think the developers are doing it the wrong way. If they would lower their gold prices for premium tanks and camouflages, players would buy them more often. Meaning that more money will flow to the project eventually. For the moment their prices are ridiculous high and maybe that’s the reason why not much money is flowing in!? We don’t get it why the developers aren’t seeing that their selves.


It seems that it’s all about the money now! And there’s nothing wrong with that because money has to flow in in order to develop this game even further. But their strategy is just plain wrong. We truly believe that lowering their current gold prices will eventually lead to more income. Because players will be inclined to spend more.

We will try to do our best to convince them about this. But we will also need your support. In the near future we will release some polls and surveys to get your thoughts about this project. We will sit together first with our moderators of our Facebook group and Discord server to know how to approach this. You’ll hear from us soon.

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