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Tank Force | Credits issue!?

Hello tankers,

the last couple of days there’s a lot to do about the in-game credits, the so called silver, that players earn after every battle.

According to a few players they earn way less silver after each battle than before update 3.39/3.40. Although the developers didn’t change anything to the earning economy of the game, those players keep on complaining about this. We presented this issue to the developers and asked them some explanation and what we got back we already published in this article.

But … there is more. The developers sure don’t want to get rid of these players and their reactions and that is why they want more information so they can examine this problem a bit more. Because right now they don’t have a lot to go on. They need extra and more detailed information from the players. And this is what they ask of us:

Players who think they get way less silver at the end of the battle should contact the support team through the in-game support feature. In that support ticket they have to include several things as:

  • a screenshot of the detailed statistics after the battle (the page on which you can see the silver income),
  • explain what the problem is as detailed as possible (not with f.e. “I get less silver than last week”),
  • add the time on which you played the battle in UTC format (you can always convert time zones with this tool).

As of now the developers or the support team didn’t get any of those support tickets. Players are complaining but they don’t provide detailed information. That is why the support team now asks to follow the points mentioned above. Maybe this is a bit of a hassle but if you really want this to get looked into then this is the only way to help the developers.

So … starting from now you all know what to do. If you hear other players complain about this, than please forward them this link so also they’ll know what to do about it. The developers are awaiting your support reports.

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  1. My first thought on your post is that anyone trying to contact Support via the Game Support button that leads to something like will most likely not be able to post up. The SEND button rarely works for me, and I posted a screencap of my last report on their FB page.

    Along the line of battle revenue/silver, unless I am mistaken, 6 months ago a round of AP for the BlackEagle & Armata was 1250 and 1750 respectively. They increased sometime after Xmas by 500 each.
    I think at least part of what people are noticing in their revenue “loss” is actually the cost of ammo eating up their profit.
    IF you VIP, you get the 70% bonus on the gross revenue, before ammo/fire/repair costs are deducted. But just using an extinguisher on a heavy is throwing away 5-6k silver. And if you lose the battle, and aren’t VIP with at least 25k damage, you lose silver.

    I play Asia where my bench is limited to Tier 3-4-5 tanks. On Euro I’m stuck in top tier, and as such, unless I’m VIP or having a VERY good round of battles, I limit my day there to login and just a few battles before I logout for Asia – where ammo is cheap. 🙂

    ~ PlantEarly

    plantearly on April 24 | Reply
    • The fact that the SEND button doesn’t work is solved already. It didn’t work before because of the use of strange signs in the ticket’s title. That got fixed a week ago.

      About the silver … well … we all have our own thoughts about it and discussion must be possible. I’m not denying that most people earn less than before the update but I can confirm that the devs DIDN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TO THE EARNING ECONOMY of the game. Or I rather have to say that I believe them when they say they didn’t.
      I constantly play tier 10 battles and normally I don’t use VIP at all. I have to say that I never end with a negative amount of silver … NEVER! I also have to say that I don’t earn lots of them as well, most of the time but still it’s always positive.
      I do agree that that there should be a small buff to the earning starting from tier 8 and above.

      Angel_Arrow on April 25 | Reply

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