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Tank Force | Lost gear? Get your gold back!

Hello tankers,

yesterday we wrote about the fact that a certain amount of players lost their gear on all of their tanks. You can read all about that in this article.

Today we got respons from support. As they asked the duped players to do, we contacted support through the in-game support feature. Today we got this answer:

Dear player! We recognize the problem on our part, please write us the cost of the loss in gold equivalent

We went looking in the game and calculated all the gear we need to resupply our tanks with their proper gear. We then answered on the ticket answer we got from Extreme Developers with the exact amount of gold we lost.

Every duped player has to do this. The problem is that not many (duped) players know that once they send a ticket to support, they also have to check themselves if they already got an answer. You can do that by pressing the support button again and if you got an answer there will be a little “1” behind your ticket, meaning you have 1 new answer. You can also put that support URL to your browsers’ favorites and go check once in a while.

Now you all know what to do! At this moment there are already 20 players that got their gold back and support is still working on it.

Edit at 11:50 am:

We’ve got  our gold back! Thank you Extreme Developers!!!

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