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Tank Force | Lost your gear?

Hello tankers,

since today a lot of you will probably have noticed that all your gear is gone from all the tanks on which you had installed it. Today some changes were made on the server. That took for about 15 minutes. All players who were in battle during those 15 minutes lost all of their gear on ALL tanks.

As you probably know the developers are busy with the next update. An update that was promised to us end previous month, beginning this month but we are still waiting for it. Nevertheless there will be new consumables and modules for the tanks in that update. We still don’t know what exactly it’ll be but we heard something about being able to get un-spotted again – we certainly hope that’s already implemented. Because of internal testing something happened with the gear we already had on our tanks. It simply disappeared.

The developers apologize for the inconvenience.

What do we have to do to get our gear back?

We all have to send a ticket through the in-game support to give the developers the heads up of loosing our gear. They will then give each and one of us our gold back.

To be frankly honest we don’t think that this is the right solution because a lot of players lost their gear. Why they don’t give a proper solution that works for everybody at the same time is a big mystery to us. Then again we wonder how they will know which gears we had installed on all of our tanks because the price is not for all gears the same. I hope this will end well for all duped players.

So … now you all know and also what to do. If you are one of the duped and you don’t send a ticket, you will loose your precious real money – or won gold.

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