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Tank Force | New admin in town!

Hello tankers,

a few days ago a post was published to the official Facebook page of Tank Force. In that post Alena Grigoreva introduced herself as a new administrator for Tank Force.

At first we saw this as a positive fact. She could take some load of the shoulders of Denis Eremenko, project manager. We know that guy has to do a lot for the game and doesn’t have the time anymore to keep in touch with the community on a daily basis. That could all change now Alena is in the picture.

We don’t know if it’s related to each other but since the announcement of Alena, we got already 2 extra posts on the official FB page. One showing the tournament winners of different regions and the world in a nicely made picture and one giving us a calendar for the month March. Such things didn’t occur until now.

But … it seems that nothing changed regarding us players having a contact point for the game. Alena doesn’t respond on anything. We even invited her to be part of the daily growing Tank Force FB group and the TF Discord server. Until today without any respons. Other players already contacted her through FB to ask questions but until today without any respons.  Therefore we think she is just an admin to check the page’s reactions from the players and to delete what’s not appropriate. Nothing more, nothing less. Although she stated the following in her announcement post:

I will try to add diversity to your group by competitions, news. Now I will answer questions concerning contests, chat and other gaming moments.

For us that means you can contact her regarding anything that’s related to the game, no?

She – or somebody else – do find the time to give us a crappy tournament overview and a monthly calendar but still they (the people of Extreme Developers) didn’t find a way to keep in touch with the community. At least for the non-Russian community that is. If you’ll have a look at the Russian VK channel then you’ll see that there’s plenty of contact between Extreme Developers and the Russian community. We think that the rest of the player base (non-Russian) are not that important to listen to and react to.

We sincerely hope that this will change in the future. We have to say that we are part of that community since day one and in all that time we grew out to be one of the middlemen between the community and Extreme Developers. But even our contacts with them decreased from being on a daily basis towards once a week – if we are lucky. We do not want to say that it’s bad, but it is … unfortunately. Hopefully they read this and will do something about this.

Until there’s no real connection with a Extreme Developer community manager or something, you can all still contact us with questions or support related stuff. We will continue with passing everything along through our Tank Force Discord server and hopefully we still get answers on everything.

Then we also have this little something extra of which we hope it’s not true. Somebody posted this in a reaction on Alena’s announcement – we’ll quote:

Alena is a very bad admin, she makes so many mistakes and and if you talk about it she harasses you and digs through your game records and makes up lies to ban you. Nobody likes her in Tanks vs Robots nor in Future tanks – 2 other Extreme Developer games. She is a bully. Now she came here to mess up this game too? She’s like a c*****. Everywhere she goes, issues start. Extreme Developers please change the admin. We don’t want a bully.

Again … we hope this is based on nothing because an admin like this is no good admin.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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