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Tank Force – Open Beta Release


today the Open Beta of Tank Force got released on Steam.

About the game

Tank Force is the new cross-platform online Tank shooter.

The game is sharing via f2p model, so everyone can try it.

It is a fresh word in Online Tank Battles, where combines best things as from Tank Simulator as from quick Arcade Battles.

Tank Force will meet you by enjoyable graphics and attention to every little detail, that you will see on different battlefields.

There are 3 big sections of vehicles, that you are able to explore. They represent Block NATO, Russian Military Forces, Asia region Military Forces. Each section includes branches of different vehicles exploration.

Tank Force economic system will allow you to sell your in-game stuff: Tanks and special equipment.

Participate as in personal tournaments as in big clan wars! Excellent rewards are waiting for champions!

In the Tanks Force you will meet the system, based on session battles. Your team can win the game by destroying all opponents or by capturing the flag. You may take several types of vehicle in the battle, in Tank Force game in will be a representation of lives. While you have tanks you may return to battle.

Join our community, affect the game development, receive unique rewards for your contribution in the game life.

List of key features

  • Focus on every detail on map creation
  • Destructible environment
  • Economic system, that allows you to sell your in-game stuff
  • National camouflages and special decals
  • Unique hidden camouflages and decals, that you can receive by participating in community life
  • Battlefields with realistic atmosphere of each region
  • Your blood will boil when you will hear the battle music
  • Today you play on PC, tomorrow you may continue to play on mobile device
  • Several tank trees with lots of modern vehicles
  • Active community, events, creativity and contests

Game Art




Compare screenshots

Of course we already know a diversity of other tank games. Below you can find some comparison screenshots with other tank games.

Cross Platform Game

This game can be played throughout different platforms:

About the developers

Extreme Developers is a game developer company.

The Philosophy of our team is to make games, which will be important to people’s. Our purpose is “the game as the service, as the new form of communication between millions of people”.

Innovations, high quality, lovely gameplay, searching for improvements and excellent customers service are our priorities in the game development.

Key factors of our work are feedbacks and constant contact with our community. It is lean and customer development also.

We are always interested in the mutual cooperation and partnership. We are always searching for new and skilled specialists, that dream about making interesting and important games.

Extreme developers company entered into the game industry in 2004. We keep growing successfully.
We have released lots of great projects: Iron Tanks, Space Jet, Hybrid Wars, Armada: Modern Tanks and etc.
We are on such platforms as iOS, Steam, Android, Windows Store and social networks.

Their website –

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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