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Tank Force | Preparation for update

Hello tankers,

we have some news for you all regarding the everlasting coming of the next update.

According to the developers there will be some server updates in the near future. For the moment the time for those changes aren’t set but they will inform us when it’s time. For those server related updates they will close down the server for about 3 hours. Meaning you won’t be able to play the game during that time.

Let us be clear that those server updates aren’t the new update that we are waiting for. These server updates are necessary for the implementation of the next update. Long story short: these are technical changes to the server in order to release the next update. After these server updates we will be able to see some changes in the game already. Those changing contain mainly game balance and economy changes.

It’s a bit strange that the developers are giving us this news because in the same message they don’t say anything about the new update we are waiting for, for so long. The only thing they say is that the next update will be implemented bit by bit and that it won’t be needed anymore to wait for all the stores’ approvals.

Also … yesterday there was some unofficial news on the Tank Force Discord about the upcoming update. Zio, one of the moderators, told the community that he got the confirmation from the developers that they were compiling the update for all the stores. Which now seems a lot of wrong information because they will now implement server updates first and the real game update will come later.

The moment the server goes down we will inform you all here on the website as well as on the Tank Force Fun Group on Facebook and the Discord server.

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