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Tank Force || Preview


the last couple of days we were streaming something totally different from World of Tanks or World of Tanks Blitz. We were streaming a game that isn’t even released to the public but that will not take long anymore. The game is called Tank Force. We already wrote another article about the game but that article was only to promote the game. Now we will discuss the game more detailed and tell you guys what we think of it.


“This game is a rip-off of World of Tanks Blitz!”

This was something that caught my eye in a second when I was reading on the game’s Steam forum. That moment we didn’t have a key for the game but that wasn’t necessary because the game would have gone live the day after. Nevertheless it didn’t. Why? You can all read about that in our first article about this game. So we went trying to get in touch with the company: Extreme Developers. And we managed to get in touch with one of them. Explaining that we wanted to test the game and try to help out where ever we can, gave us a key for the game with a bunch of gold, experience and silver in order to show you everything during our streams.

Our first steps

Like any other game we went discovering what we could do in this game and we did this live, together with you! On our Twitch and YouTube channel you can already find several videos in which you see us play. During our first stream we also had one of the developers in our ears. His name is Denis Eremenko better known as Magic Unicorn.

We explored the menu, the user interface and all of the tanks that we could grind. There are 2 main tech trees: Russian and NATO. The NATO tech tree is a collection of tanks and armored wheeled vehicles from different nations. First we didn’t pay attention to all the experience, gold and silver we got from Denis and started the game like it should be: starting from tier 1. We played the BMP-1, a Russian tier 1 light tank. The vehicle classes are marked with the following symbols:

The first 30 minutes we were busy with adapting to the game. Being used to play other tank games this was something else indeed! Another proof – for us at least – that this isn’t just a rip-off or a copy of another game. When we got the hang of it we could start playing like it should be – awesome! And that only got better with every battle. 😛

Upgrading tanks

Of course tanks can be upgraded with better modules like the gun, autoloader, armor, engine and chassis. Five modules in total. For every module there are several upgrades. For the first 3 tiers that is 3 upgrades/module. Starting from tier 4 you get an equal amount of upgrades as the tier of your tank. Every upgrade takes silver and some time – the time of the module to get delivered to your hangar. That time can be boosted/neutralized by using gold. At the beginning the time isn’t that much but that all changes the higher you go.

The best thing is that you don’t have to be afraid of having no tank to battle with, because you can even battle with the tank that gets an upgrade in the hangar. Cool, no?

Let’s have a closer look at how this all works on f.e. the Tier 9 Challenger II:

The green rectangle represents the specifications of the tank. With each module upgrade you select, you will see a change in these specifications. It will be marked with a green + [number]. On the bottom of the screen you see the possible modules that can be upgraded (numbers 1 – 5). Those are the same for each and every vehicle in this game. The difference for each vehicle depends on the tier/level of that vehicle. The Challenger is a Tier IX tank so every module (1-5) can be upgraded 9 times. The modules that can be upgraded are:

  • Main Gun
  • Autoloader
  • Armor
  • Engine
  • Chassis

As we said before upgrading your tank or wheeled vehicle will take time. That time only increases the higher you Tier of the tank is and the higher the upgrading level. As you can see in the picture above we already upgraded the Main Gun 8 times and still have the last upgrade to do. That upgrade will cost us 16 hours to wait for the delivery. Of course you can boost that with gold but that is a currency that you will not have much of. But remember what we said: “You can take a tank into battle that gets an upgrade in the hangar.

Researching and buying tanks/wheeled vehicles

For starters there are 2 tech trees to begin with. In the future there will be more tech trees and tanks implemented. For now we have:

  • Russia Tech Tree
  • NATO Tech Tree

The tech trees start at Tier I and go all the way up to Tier X. Compared to other games we know these tech trees aren’t build up in the way that every next vehicle is an upgrade of the previous one. No, it’s just a heavier and stronger vehicle. Of course there are a few exceptions like with the Russian T-62, T-62M, T-64, T-64 BV, etc.

To go to a next vehicle in the tech tree you have to research that vehicle with XP (experience you earn during battles). That is also the first thing you see on a vehicle in the tech tree (1):

After you’ve researched the vehicle you can buy it with the amount of credits that pops up on the same place as where the needed XP stand before (2):

If you have enough XP’s to grind/research the next tank already then you’re not obliged to buy the tank that comes before. Only researching the previous tank is more than enough in order to research the next one!

Camouflage patterns and bonuses

In Tank Force you can also put camouflage patterns onto your tanks. There are a few different ways to buy those camouflage patterns.

  • With GOLD:
  • With CREDITS:
  • More CREDITS

Every camouflage pattern gives you a boost on DAMAGE! No, not on camo-rating! When you put a camouflage on your vehicle then you will do more damage with your AP and APCR shells. How much more depends on the Tier of the tank but also on how you bought the camouflage pattern. With gold it will give you the lowest boost and the most expensive way with credits gives you the highest damage boost. But … at the same time the duration is also different:

  • GOLD
    • Action time: 12 hours
  • 12.000 CREDITS
    • 2 hours
  • 36.000 CREDITS
    • 8 hours

After those times you have to buy the camouflage again. There is an exception: Premium Vehicles! Premium vehicles come with a permanent camouflage and exists of the national flag colors you can put on the tank. The camo is permanent and therefore the damage boost is way lower than for the standard vehicle for which you have to buy the camo. Of course you also have the possibility to put other camo’s on the Premium tank.

Equipment & Gear

Every vehicle can be equipped with extra gear and equipment. We don’t have to say that your tank gets stronger with everything you mount on it, do we? Let’s have a quick look at what the possibilities are.


Repair Kit:

Repairs problems in the engine and rotating mechanisms.

Fire Extinguisher:

Extinguishes fire.

Nitrous Oxide:

Gives your tank a 50% speed boost.

Reinforced Core:

Damages the loading mechanisms of the enemy by 40%.

Napalm Core:

Sets the enemy on fire and takes away 1% of strength per second. Duration is 10 seconds.

Uranium Core:

Incapacitates an enemy tank for 20 seconds.

Premium Equipment

Universal Repair Kit Upgraded Napalm Cores:

Takes away 3% of strength/second. Action time: 12 seconds.

Upgraded Nitrous:

60% speed boost.


Extra Armor:

Extra armor.

Reinforced Chassis:

Extra rotating speed.

Ramming Device:

Extra rounds/minute.

Reinforced Trigger:

30% probability of stopping enemy tank for 40 seconds.

Reinforced Repair Kit:

-30% damage time.

Ricochet Armor:

7% chance of absorbing damage of incoming shells.

Muzzle Accelerator:

2% chance of killing enemy with one-shot.


First of all let us say that we already had a fantastic 15 hours of fun with this game. But we have to be honest. We already knew a couple of other tank games and certainly one mobile/PC one that is doing great within the gaming community. Starting to play this game was with the knowledge of that other game in our minds. Nevertheless we wanted to give this mobile/PC game the fullest of our attention and love!

Knowing what we know about other games and seeing what this games brings us we can’t say that this will be a major success. But of course we can be wrong. Do not misunderstand us. We have lots of fun in this game and we will have more in the future. For the moment we got a fully filled (gold, credits, experience) account of the developers (thank you Denis) in order to show you guys as much as possible during our streams. Having all of these high tier tanks was getting boring after 15 hours of playing. But that has everything to do with the fact that we could just grind and upgrade them with ease and therefore we didn’t have a goal in the game.

We are certain that the moment this game goes live on Steam we will need a lot of time to get to those high tier tanks and wheeled vehicles. Let alone that we still have to upgrade them too. With all of these delivery times – certainly at higher tier vehicles – this will take a lot of time to have a fully upgraded high tier tank. That is where we will have a goal in the game. For the moment that’s the (almost) only goal there is.  There is no endgame in this game. We have to grind tanks, upgrade them and play with them. That’s all. Actually this is not entirely true because we already have the Tournaments.

Every tournament takes 6 or 7 days. You have to try to end up in the top 10 in order to earn gold. Not in the top 10? No gold! You play for these tournaments automatically. Either then doing the best you can during battling you don’t have to do anything to compete for one of those top 10 positions.

But … Extreme Developers are still working on the game and will continue working on this game. It’s a free to play game that will be in constant development. That if the game will be played by a mass of people of course. In the hangar we can already see some future projects that will be implemented.

There will be Battle Tasks en Crew Training. We don’t know how this will work but we’re already very excited! The more goals in the game, the more fun we will have! There’s also another big thing the developers are working on: Global Map.

Probably this will be something like fighting for territories and of course defending them in order to keep them. This could be end-game material.

But let us talk a bit more about our experience during the already 200 battles fought.

In comparison with other games we play we find that there can still be something done about the unnatural flow of the vehicles when they bounce into one another. But further than that the tanks and armored wheeled vehicles are driving smoothly across the battlefields. Maybe – and I don’t know if it’s the tank or just the low tier – I found it difficult to adjust to the fact that my BMP-1 and BMP-2 were dancing all over the place. It felt like driving such an American hopping low rider. When we went up some tiers we didn’t encounter that problem anymore. The controls of the vehicles are easy to use but we already told the developers that some tweaks have to be made and they will. For instance you can’t change the control buttons and if you’re using an AZERTY keyboard – like I do – you can’t play with the ZQSD buttons. You have to play with the arrows on your keyboard and that is not what a real gamer wants to do, is it? We already got conformation that the possibility of changing the control buttons will be implemented. The most unnatural thing to do is steering with the arrow keys and when you want to change ammo or you need your mounted equipment then you have to move your hands on your keyboard in such an unnatural way that people around you would think there’s something wrong with you (maybe that’s the fact with me, but that’s another story). Another thing that will be implemented are hotkeys for the in-game commands you can give to your team. Right now you have to press the CTRL button and do those actions with your mouse but in the heat of the battle that is just not an easy way of saying something to your teammates.

Talking about teammates. For the moment it’s not yet possible to play in a platoon but the developers told us that this opportunity will be implemented in the future.

We are used to play other – more sophisticated – tank games and therefore we are like seal clubbing in this game. If you are also somebody who’s playing other tank games then this will be an easy one to farm damage from your opponents. As a result you’ll get more XP and you’ll end up on the top of the food chain. We think this is such a game where you can turn off the brains, race across the battlefield and shoot every enemy to smithereens. Like we said we already had 15 hours of fun in this new tanking game!

And as we are writing this the game went live on Steam for everybody to play. No more closed Beta. Now it’s an open Beta version of the game that went live.

Keep following things in mind:

  • There can be in-game changes anywhere and anytime during this testing phase
  • You may meet technical issues in the game
    (that should be reported as detailed as possible in the comment section on their FB page)
  • All the progress of the open beta test may be removed at the moment of the game release

So … now it’s your turn to have some fun with this game!!! Just like we have!!!

Keep us informed. We want to hear all of your experiences with this new tanking game. Tell us everything in the comment section below! 😉

By the way … if you have any questions to us or the developers of the game just ask them in the comment section below or send us an email. we’ll answer as much as we can and questions for the devs will be answered by them. 😉

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