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Tank Force | Q&A with the developers

Hello tankers,

since a couple of days we can all play the newest update of Tank Force. Well … not really all because Windows 10 didn’t really get an update yet, but it’s on his way.

Windows 10 Update

The reason why the Windows application didn’t get an update yet is because the developers were waiting for an update of Unity – the engine they are using. That update happened today, meaning the Windows 10 Tank Force game will be updated any time now. This Unity update will also come in handy to get rid of the bug we all have now – on Steam: every time we want to close the game, it freezes. That will be fixed soon as well.

London map

A lot of players are complaining that the London map isn’t in the map rotation. That is all normal because the new map isn’t implemented yet. The developers are planning to implement the map when every platform got the update of the game. Meaning … first the Windows 10 update (as mentioned above) and then the London map implementation.

Silver earnings

What about the silver earnings in this new update? Do we really earn so much less as some players are trying to implicate?
Believe it or not, but the answer on this one is NO! Or at least the developers didn’t change anything about the silver earnings for each battle.

A lot of players simply do not believe this but it’s true. And even more … it can be tested. Install the Windows 10 application and play some battles with a low tier tank. Play the same tank in the updated game. You’ll see that the earnings are exactly the same. This is the info that the developers gave us last Saturday.

There is even more. One of the developers took 10 random profiles of those players who are complaining and the amount of silver they earned after each battle was about the same as a week before the update.

Also … the developers are saying that there are now more real players in a battle than before the update – because of the improved loading time – and that causes that a lot of battles are more difficult to play. It’s more difficult to play against real players instead of bots. Meaning that the income could be a bit less than before because players have to shoot more or miss more of their shots.


The developers are very clear on that one: there is no pay-2-win model! Of course this is debatable and even I have a different opinion than the devs, but this is what they have to say about this:

  • Let us be honest. Tank Force is an easy to play game and you can play it anywhere when you have a moment to spare. On top of that you get daily bonuses which leads to extra silver and gold for each player.
  • Even players who don’t want to spend real money can still use all premium consumables and gear for which you need to pay gold – because of the gold (daily) bonus. Of course they can’t use gold consumables and gear all the time, but used wisely they can use a lot of these things a lot of times. F.e. shooting gold ammo isn’t needed against every tank. Change your ammo wisely and even free-to-play players will have the opportunity to use it. The same goes for premium/gold equipment/consumables.
  • Players who are angry about the decals, equipment and shells are forgetting a couple of things:
    • They can use all these things as well but they have to be smart about it: when to buy, when to use, etc.
    • If it was true that a lot of players they encounter are using premium goods, then Extreme Developers would have been millionaires already – which they are not. Meaning that only a small 1% of players are spending real money on the game.
    • This game isn’t made to fight head to head (frontal attack). Players have to try to hit the enemy without getting hit back. That way they will remove the “gold” advantage of that enemy tank.

That is about it what the devs want to say about what we players call Pay-2-Win.

As you can see we players don’t really get the answers we were hoping for. The devs have their idea of th game and that’s that I’m afraid. They certainly don’t want to hear about P2W.

Future development

I also got a sneak peak of what’s about to come. But please, take this with a little grain of salt.

  • Release of Daily Missions
  • Refactoring the physics. This is needed for mobile players.
  • Start working on platoons and clans. The devs still don’t know what they are going to give us first. I told them that it isn’t logic to give us clans first if we can’t play with our clan mates in a platoon.
  • Chinese tanks are almost ready. But first we need a Tank Pool System (choosing our tanks/tiers).
  • The devs are already working on tanks to fill the gaps in the tech trees.

So … this is it! Please give us your thoughts about what the devs had to tell us. What do you think of the game since the latest update? What do you want to see in the near future. Let us know in a comment.

By the way … you are all welcome on the Tank Force Discord to discuss everything about this game:

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