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Tank Force | Update 3.39.2 – What has changed?

Hello tankers,

today we got the long awaited update 3.39.2 for Tank Force. The promised new map London is still not in it because that’ll be implemented as soon as the updates reaches all the different platforms. Try to understand it – we even can’t.

In this updates there are a few new things added and also major bug fixes:

1. New battle arena – Trafalgar Square

2. Battle start has been changed, now teams balancing before the battle. Better AI distribution between teams

3. Armor zones have been reworked. Fixed the problem of getting full damage to front armor

4. New gears have been added

5. New consumables have been added

6. Chat smiles have been added

7. Buttons, that lead to the community and personal area website have been added

8. Gold rounds damage have been increased, and added chance to negative effect on enemy

9. (PC) Pressed TAB (leaderboard) and T (fast commands) won’t stop your tank anymore

10. Little lags won’t lead to the camera instant moving

11. Camera shaking in ground collision have been fixed

12. Feature of chat moderators has been added

13. Missing animation of shells flying has been fixed

14. (mobile) Fixed camera distance to a Tank

15. Problem of control disabling on the battle start has been fixed

16. Changes with decals. They give you extra damage now

17. Better animation of zooming

18. Radial indicators for buffs and debuffs have been added

19. Cruise-control now disabling by movement back

20.Spawn points have been fixed, as direction of spawning

21. Sales of camouflages and decals now are displaying in main sales screen

22. Hit points of Stryker have been increased

23. Change in game economic system

24. Tanks bouncing while collision has been decreased

25. Whole game and effects optimizations

26. Comprehensive bug fixes

We made a video on the go about the changes in this update. Enjoy!

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