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Trove | Heroes Hotfix 2

Hello Trovians,

Trove is coming offline on April 11, 2018 at 5PM CET for a patch. This update includes a fix for PS4 graphical corruption issues and much more.

Downtime may last up to 3 hours but they’ll bring each platform back online as they are ready.

Additional Updates

  • (PS4 Only) Fixed some issues causing serious graphical corruption and client crashes.
  • Fixed a potential crash when zoning and pressing a button.
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the tutorial when dismounting your Mag Rider.
  • Updated the Splash Screens and Loading Screens with the Trove: Heroes artwork!
  • Luxion has learnt from the Dhevs, and has hardened his armor against ladybugs.
  • Fixed a bug with Lunar Lancer’s Throw that teleported players to the spear’s location if they transformed shortly after throwing it.
  • Fixed bug where the Darknik Dreadnought’s resistance shields didn’t resist damage from the Dino Tamer and Vanguardian.
  • The Total Power Rank Leaderboard now includes the Vanguardian class.
  • The following costume issues will be solved for players who already own them by the end of the week:
    • The Digital Daemon Dreadsabre is now granted by the Digital Daemon item as well as the recipe.
    • The Resistor Vanguard Crash Helmet is now granted by the Resistor Vanguard item as well as the recipe.
    • The Kami Animist Stonehelm and Kami Animist Corvigne are now granted by the Kami Animist item and the recipe.
  • Blockchain items on the Resistor Workbench now have a description that reads “Decor item only – has no additional value.”
  • Ganda Coins have been renamed to Skygold Coins.
  • Fix an incorrect price being displayed for inventory expansions.
  • The 33 Greater Neon Caches product in the Store now correctly references the Flashing Neon Cache that was always included.
  • The descriptive text on the various free Class Coins now better explain what classes they can unlock.
  • The Club Renamer Tag now correctly refers to Club Presidents instead of club leaders.
  • C455_ANDRA should no longer jitter when pathing around Luminopolis.
  • Fixed the Vanguardian’s fishing pole orientation.
  • Neon City Luminopolis Terraformers will now generate terrain that has the correct clouds and music. Luminopolis terrain generated before this fix are now unfortunate curiosities for the connoisseur of trovian travel.

The devs wants to thank us all for our incredible patience.

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