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War Thunder | Leopard 2K

Once it was clear that the US-German jointly developed MBT-70 project was doomed to fail, German engineers began working on a new MBT design that would incorporate some of the technologies developed for the MBT-70. The result of this undertaking was the development of the Leopard 2K, of which about a dozen different prototypes were produced. And one of these Leopard 2K versions arrives on the battlefield in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.77!

In War Thunder, the Leopard 2K expands the Leopard line in Rank VI of the German ground forces research tree.

Although the Leopard 2K was one of many prototypes, we picked the Leopard 2K armed with a 120mm smoothbore Rh120 L/44 cannon and a turret-mounted 20mm Rh202 cannon because we consider to be the most interesting (and fun!) for War Thunder players.

The Leopard 2K builds on the familiar Leopard formula but goes one step further. One of its standout features is its 120mm smoothbore cannon, which can pierce  even the thickest armour found in War Thunder with relative ease. Deadly weaponry backed by a powerful 1,500 horsepower engine (with a top speed of 70 km/h) is a classic Leopard formula.

Although Rank VI vehicles in War Thunder are best known for their advanced armour protection (such as ERA and composite armour), the Leopard 2K relies on a complex combination of multilayered, highly sloped, and relatively thin steel armour plating. This gives the Leopard 2K comparable armour protection to other Rank VI vehicles but with reduced weight. A fully-loaded Leopard 2K weighs about 50 tonnes, making it slightly lighter than the MBT-70.

Even if the Leopard 2k’s armor makes you feel a little less protected, its mobility definitely makes up the difference. Enemies can’t hit what they can’t see, and the Leopard 2K’s speed and mobility make it a virtual ghost on the battlefield. By the time you see it and hear the thunder of its 120mm cannon, you’re probably already dead.

The Leopard 2K joins the top ranks of the German ground forces tree in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.77.

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