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War Thunder | Naval Fleet

Ahoi captains,

since 2016 Gaijin Entertainment developers are working hard on the Naval Forces they want to implement in the game. Also since then pre-beta tests are running on a regular basis. In other words we will eventually get another type of warfare in War Thunder, in which we already can play with tanks and aircrafts.

From the beginning of the War Thunder naval battles development the developers understood that it wouldn’t be easy since the games’ format is maximum realism on the one hand, and a dynamic game experience with short game sessions on the other. They also took in consideration that implementing different vehicle types in one battle is complicated when they’re talking about naval battles. That is why the mosquito fleet[*] was a logical decision. Battles involving these vessels are both dynamic and interesting.

In the main while we are already way past the very first tests. Most of the naval gameplay mechanics are already on point and that is why the developers can concentrate more on implementing more vessels to battle with.

Some of you probably know other games where you can fight with boats or ships. Like there is World of Warships from Wargaming. But where WoWs concentrates on bringing us the big battleships, War Thunder concentrates on the smaller boats. You won’t find large ships in the War Thunder Naval Forces.

With the last War Thunder update,, the developers added more boats to the Naval tests. 38 new vessels made their entree. We have the 3D models for each and one of those new boats for you and uploaded them to our Sketchfab:

War Thunder Naval by World of Games on Sketchfab

When this new gamemode will be launched for the greater public is yet unknown. The testing is still on full speed and you can be part of that!

To join the tests you have to become the owner of one of the pre-order packs. Your purchase will automatically make you a member of the beta test. In addition, the set contains some fantastic game bonuses, including a unique premium German, Soviet or US craft which will be available in beta test.

See you all at sea!

[*] A group of small boats.

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