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World of Tanks Blitz | Spring Maneuvers

Hello tankers,

full alert! Check your supplies, start your engines, and take up combat positions. Below you will find a briefing with your objectives and tasks. Proceed to the Spring Maneuvers!

The best participants of the maneuvers will receive the VIIIT-44-100 Premium tank, Cooldown boosters, and Spare Parts. See the detailed list of rewards at the end of this article.

Individual Start and Schedule

When you log into the game for the first time from 10 to 26 March, a 10-day countdown will start for you. During this period, you can earn a special currency and use it to complete in-game event stages. After 10 days, the second phase will start, during which you will be able to complete stages using gold only. It will last for 5 days until the end of the event.

  • CIS: individual start from 10 March 12:00 (MSK) to 26 March 12:00 (MSK). The event will end on 7 April at 12:00 (MSK).
  • Asia: individual start from 10 March 17:00 (UTC+8) to 26 March 17:00 (UTC+8). The event will end on 7 April at 17:00 (UTC+8).
  • North America: individual start from 10 March 1:00 (PT), 4:00 (ET) to 26 March 1:00 (PT), 4:00 (ET). The event will end on 7 April at 1:00 (PT), 4:00 (ET).
  • Europe: individual start from 10 March 10:00 (CET) to 26 March 10:00 (CET). The event will end on 7 April at 10:00 (CET).

Chase for the T-44-100

Upon tapping the in-game event button in your Garage, you will see a series of stages with different rewards and the brand-new Т-44-100 at the end. To unlock all stages and receive prizes, earn Spring Pins and Combat Emblems in battles.

Spring Pins

Spring Pins can be earned by completing missions in addition to standard rewards. You will earn more Spring Pins when completing missions for Tier V–X vehicles than for Tiers I–IV.

Combat Emblems

During the Spring Maneuvers, battles on Tier V-X vehicles will be grouped into 10 series, 3 battles each. The system will calculate the number of Combat Emblems that you receive based on the base Combat Experience for each battle. When you have fought 3 battles, the system will select the best ONE, where you earned the most Combat Emblems, and will add this amount to your Storage. When you have fought 10 series of 3 battles each, Combat Emblems will no longer be accrued.

  • 1 XP earned in regular and tournament battles brings 1 Combat Emblem.
  • In rating battles, Combat Emblems are calculated using a modifier, which depends on the player’s league and rating:
    • Bronze League: 50% from Experience earned by players with a rating of 0–1,000 points, and 60%—for players with a rating of 1,001–2,000 points.
    • Silver League: 80% from Experience earned.
    • Gold League: 100% from Experience earned (1 Combat Emblem for 1 XP).
    • Platinum League: 115% from Experience earned.
    • Diamond League: 130% from Experience earned.
  • Battles fought in Tier V–X vehicles are counted.
  • Regular, tournament, and rating battles are counted.
  • Base Combat Experience is counted. Premium Account, bonuses for the first victory, and boosters have no effect on the number of Combat Emblems earned.

On the event screen, there is a counter showing the number
of series played and battles fought

Members of Platinum and Diamond Leagues will earn more Combat Emblems in rating battles. We reduced the multiplier for Silver and Bronze Leagues to avoid cases where players artificially reduce their ratings in order to earn additional Combat Emblems in battles against weak opponents.

Main Prize—the T-44-100

The T-44-100 pays for its increased protection with lower dynamics as compared to the T-44. However, this new tank is more maneuverable than the T-54 first prototype. And remember that the T-44-100 is also a good credit earner—it’s a Premium, after all!

And Other Rewards

Upon completing all main and additional stages of the Spring Maneuvers, you will receive:

  • The  VIII T-44-100 with a Garage slot
  • 80,000 Spare Parts
  • 50 standard Cooldown boosters
  • 30 special Combat XP boosters
  • 510,000

Our briefing is over. Now you’re ready to get out there and win. Show what you are made of!

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