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World of Tanks Blitz || The KV-2

Hello tankers,

today we’re going to talk a bit about the KV-2. Yes, that Soviet tier 6 heavy tank on which you can mount a 152 mm M-10 gun on that big – almost oversized – turret.


In World of Tanks Blitz you have 3 guns where you can choose from:

      • 122 mm U-11
      • 107 mm ZiS-6
      • 152 mm M-10

If you are a bit of a player, you know that there’s only 1 gun that is the correct gun to have some fun with this tank … the 152 mm M-10 or the durp gun! Of course the 107 mm ZiS-6 will give you a better penetration, rate of fire and therefore a better damage per minute as well, in comparison with the 152 mm durp gun. And yes, the 152 mm durp will miss a lot of his shots, even when fully aimed. But man … when you do hit your enemy, it will do a 640 damage with AP shells and 960 with HE shells. And of course … with the KV-2 and the durp gun you only shoot HE shells! If you don’t believe us, just give it a try and you’ll know. ?

You can also watch the following video to get some proof for this derpy pleasure:

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