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World of Tanks | Italian tanks

Hello tankers,

more and more news is getting to us from the Italian front in World of Tanks. Today Wargaming announced a few more Italian tanks from tier 1 to tier 7.

Eight Italian vehicles going from tier I to VII are currently being tested on the Supertest server.

Tiers I–VII of the Italian branch include:
  • post-WWI tanks (during that period, the army was still defining its priorities regarding armored vehicles);
  • pre-WWII tanks;
  • tanks that were designed during World War II according to updated requirements.
This is a mixed branch, consisting of light and medium tanks.
The first four Tiers are the dawn of Italy’s tank industry. Tier I is occupied by Fiat 3000, based on the French Renault FT light tank. Tier II houses the M14/41 and the L6/40. Both vehicles were mass produced and used by Italian armed forces, so they definitely couldn’t be neglected. The M15/42 sitting on Tier III was assembled in large amounts, too. The P26/40 medium tank (Tier IV) was the heaviest hitting tank in the Italian army during WWII, carrying thick armor and a 75 mm cannon. The P26/40 gameplay may be called ‘transitional’ between that of the starting and mid-tier vehicles.
Tiers V–VII are based on WWII concepts that followed the common design tendencies of the era, emphasizing protection and firepower. The P.43 rolls from mid-1940’s straight into Tier V. The P.43 bis (Tier VI) takes a big step forward with 90 mm cannon and solid frontal armor (and with its looks as well, being a tad futuristic for its age). It’s somewhat slow, but its successor the P.43 ter (Tier VII) improves on that, also offering an enlarged turret, a longer barrel, and a better suspension.
We’ll drop info on the top-tier Italians later. These vehicles deserve an in-depth look: beginning with Tier VIII, the tanks in this branch receive its signature ‘autoreloader’ system.
This is the Italians’ first appearance, so their parameters are subject to change based on testing results. Follow the news and expect the Supertest of Italian tanks to begin soon after the 1.0 update!

If you look at these models they have a lot of other tanks we already know from other nations, no? The Fiat 3000 is like the tier 1 French tank, the Renault FT.

As soon as we have more news we will inform you.

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