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World of Tanks | Q&A with Alexander Biletskyi

Hello tankers,

a couple of day ago there was a live stream in which the community could ask questions to Alexander Biletskyi, Creative Director of World of Tanks. I’ll give you the most interesting questions and their responses.

Will the conversion of maps to HD help the players understand them better?

First of all we wanted to unify the graphical representation of the terrain. But at the same time we understand that players will be confused/disorientated when they see the maps for the first time.

We talked with some Community Contributors from the CIS region and even they were confused when they saw the maps for the first time. They needed some time and a couple of battles to get used to the environment and to get into the flow of the battle.

We certainly tried to induce a positive double shock – as we like to call it – when players enter the maps for the first time. But we also wanted that the players weren’t too overwhelmed with what’s going on outside the map borders.

Note: to be frankly honest this is not really an answer to the question asked: “Will the conversion to HD help players to understand maps better?” I don’t think so. The conversion doesn’t go any further then a cosmetic change. No more, no less.

Will the Italian tanks be present in update 1.0?

No. There is still a lot of work to do with the new mechanic: auto-reloading system. Italian tanks will appear after update 1.0.

Will you introduce new effects like night, rain, snow, fog, storm in update 1.0? Effects that would have influence on view range?

We are conducting internal tests. In essence it is possible but it will only be superb on high-end PC’s. Low-end or bad PC’s will have troubles. More testing and tweaking is needed so no, it will not be in update 1.0.

Note: These mechanics are already in place for the console players. I think 2 years ago I already asked the question to the devs in a live stream and back then I also got the answer that they were testing things for the PC game. Hopefully one day we will get those effects also in our PC version of the game.

Will you introduce all Havok elements? Destroying all map elements?

Step by step more destructions will be available. But we don’t want everything to be destructible because that would change the gameplay drastically. We already introduced some fixes to the Havok fun to a certain degree. First of all we want to implement new maps which can even be old removed maps in a new coat.

What about bots in the game?

We are trying to fight those bot issues but you have to know that there’s a fine line between something good and legal and good and illegal. To get rid of bots we should create new software and this has to be done with respect for local laws.

Note: This is a bit of a strange answer. So Wargaming thinks bots aren’t always bad??? Why can we report a player then for being a bot?

What’s the reason for “flattening” most of the maps?

It might seem that the maps are flattened out but that is not the fact. Light and shadow interactions make you wrongly believe that the maps are flattened. The maps are well balanced out for both sides/teams. On each side there are equal and identical inclines. Of course there are some places who did get flattened out because we think that those places were giving tanks with a mediocre gun depression a disadvantage.

Will 4K textures be available for players with good rigs?

We are thinking about that.

Will you add multi-turret/gun tanks after 1.0?

That is not planned for this year because that would cause balance issues.

How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing?

A lot is already said about this tank. Good and bad. That means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is not likely but a buff on the other hand is very possible.

Note: WTF!?!? A buff??? Why the hell does this tank need a buff???

Can we expect some buffs in 1.0, specifically for some tier VIIIs?

Nope. Note in update 1.0. We are not going to do everything at once.

Does arty prevents camping?

Yes. Because otherwise players would just make big groups and the team with the biggest group would always win. That is why we need artillery in the game.

Note: Bullshit!

Will artillery be limited to 1 per battle?

Hmm … I know we need artillery but the question is: “How many do we need per battle?”

What about wheeled vehicles?

They are certainly coming!

What about the Chieftain Mk. 6?

Although that line is in a very advanced state we will not implement them this year.

When can we expect the Italian tanks?

Somewhere until the end of the year.

Note: Do we have to wait still that long??? By the way … it’s the same answer for the Polish tech tree.

What about tanks with preferabele matchmaking?

Most likely they will loose their MM status but they will be buffed so they can fight the tier X’s.

After removing the MM status will there be tanks that drop down a tier and get nerfed?

Maybe, maybe not.

Note: What??? Why should WG start with nerfing premium tanks??? I don’t think that is going to happen. Like the above statement I think those tanks will get buffs so they can fight the tier X’s.

Are you happy with 3-5-7 matchmaking?

Not completely but we’re tweaking the algorithm constantly.

Note: I even think without notifying us about it.

Will there be Ranked Battles for tier VIII vehicles?

Yes but I don’t know when.

When can we expect update 1.0???

We hope for March.

Note: Euhm … WG already promised us half March! Oh well … it’s no use to give us an update that is not finished or well worked out so for my part it’s even April or May before we get it.

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