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World of Warships | War Dolphins

Ahoi Captains,

the last couple of days you probably stumbled onto news articles about combat dolphins for World of Warships. It seems that the developers are working on war dolphin models for the game. First, let’s see what they have to tell about this themselves.

[quote from official website]

Good news, Captains! Our team regularly prepares new ships and gameplay elements and, today, we have decided to surprise our players with a new ship type—combat dolphin!

History of Combat Dolphins

The use of combat dolphins is a historically confirmed fact, but few people know that simultaneous attempts to create small autonomous underwater vehicles in the form of dolphins were made.

It is a known fact that, during World War II, Italy succeeded in employing a group of underwater carriers for transporting combat swimmers with an explosive charge. It was reported that a small autonomous vehicle, known as “Delfino Delphis” (nvdr: Short-beaked common dolphin) in the documents of the main naval headquarters, was designed on a secret base of the Italian naval special forces in the estuary of the Serchio river, not far from Pisa, starting from 1940.

The design of the vehicle was based on the results of research conducted in the 1920s–1930s by Guglielmo Marconi, a famous inventor and president of the Royal Academy of Italy, on his own yacht that served as a laboratory. After Italy surrendered in 1943, all project documents and the group of engineers were captured by a German special forces unit SS-Sonderverband z. b. V. “Friedenthal” and moved to the north of the country. There, on Lake Garda, in the area that remained under Mussolini’s control, the work on the vehicle continued until the end of the war.

In-Game Model

When developing the dolphin model, we approached the task as we would any normal ship. We gathered a large number of photos and blueprints and took full-scale measurements in dolphinariums. Our “dolphins” are equipped with the most advanced technologies, allowing for high speed and maneuverability. A dolphin with an armament of two torpedoes can even compete with a destroyer.

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Dolphin Carrier

Dolphin carriers were designed on the basis of small landing craft. Dolphin vehicles were to be launched into the water through an airlock in the upgraded ship’s ramp. The powerful Marconi radio equipment provided long-range remote control over the combat vehicles and required an extensive antenna system on board. In World of Warships, “dolphins” will launch from the fore end of a dolphin carrier. Players will be able to choose a dolphin carrier and send their “dolphins” to different parts of the map on a wide range of missions, be it reconnaissance, sabotage, or friendly ship protection by deflecting enemy torpedoes.


We tried to put as much life as possible into our “dolphins” using sounds. What is a dolphin without its typical “laughter”?!

The sound that dolphins make to communicate is a unique phenomenon built on a combination of sound impulses and ultrasound. We spent a long time with real dolphins and consulted lead cetologists (whale experts). As a result, we managed to record more than a hundred hours of their speech for an authentic in-game atmosphere.

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Developer Diaries: Combat Dolphins

True or false?

Is the above all true? Well … maybe it is!? Maybe the devs are really working on those combat dolphins. But keep in mind that we are closing in to April 1st. So maybe we will get an April’s Fool fun mode in the game in which we will encounter those dolphins or maybe this is just something to … yeah right … fool us.

Nevertheless … whatever it will be you’ve got to admit that Wargaming brings it in a very intriguing way, no?

But of course there historical research is non-existing. During World War II there were many strange things and experiments, but combat dolphins was not one of them. If you go Google “combat dolphins” or “war dolphins” you will find that there are dolphins used for military purposes. Such military dolphins have been trained to rescue lost naval swimmers or to locate underwater mines. And that’s it! You will not find any other reasons why dolphins are used in the military.

The question remains if Wargaming is just pulling our leg or will we get an actual April’s Fool fun mode? If we do get such a mode, that would be incredible interesting! But then another question raises … will the dolphins only be usable on the surface of the water or also underneath the water?

If you go look at the specifications we get 2 speeds for the dolphins: surface speed of 16 knots and subsurface speed of 8 knots. On top of that the dolphins would be able to dive to 40 meters and could stay there for 120 miles. This is the only thing that makes me think that we will not get a fun mode, because adding submarines to the game wouldn’t be possible but adding these dolphins would be??? And have a look at the length of these things … 16.35 meters! What gigantic dolphins they would be!

I guess we’ll have to wait until April 1st to know what will happen. What do you think? And when you first heard about this, did you believe it? Please leave your comments below this article. 

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