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World of Tanks | Q&A with the developers

Hello tankers,

yesterday, 23 February 2018, there was an organized question & answers session (by Wargaming). The Russian community contributors Vspishka, Amway921, LeBwa, EviL GrannY and Jove could fire away their questions towards Anton Pankov, World of Tanks director and Andrey Beletsky – World of Tanks creative director.

You can find the most important things here below:

  • 2nd season of Personal Missions is coming in 2018 October.
  • Developers are planning to remove team damage. This system will be tested out in a special event in May.
  • Developers are working on a new system of perks. Sixth Sense skill will most likely be made default – available to all commanders for free.
  • With Patch 1.0, all premium shells get their gold cost removed and will be only purchasable with credits. After a few patches, shell prices will be changed and a shell rebalance is planned. WG might completely remove premium ammunition in the future.
  • Exclusive tanks purchasable only with bonds are planned.
  • Wargaming are planning to rebalance underperforming tanks with preferential matchmaking, KV-5 is first one in the queue. Their preferential status will stay. As the vehicle gets buffed, the player will be presented with an opportunity to get a refund, exchange the vehicle for a different one or retain the buffed vehicle. The rebalance will appear in the sandbox and should hit the live servers later this year.
  • It will be possible to change the nationality of your crew.
  • Possibility to hide your personal statistics and nickname will be tested out.
  • Extended complaints system and improved communication between players is also planned, WG has a “karma” system in mind.
  • Super Conqueror is being closely monitored, devs are looking at it.
  • After Patch 1.0 is released, developers will take a look at expanding small maps like Ensk or Karelia.
  • Tank type limit restrictions are putting a lot of stress on the matchmaker. For now, light tanks will not be limited as developers are afraid that other classes will need to be limited later.
  • Devs believe that artillery is not problematic.
  • Event schedule:
    • Victory day in May.
    • World Cup in June-July.
    • Autumn.
    • New Year.
  • In Fall, a program for old players will start.
  • Developers have no changes planned for the Type 5 Heavy.
  • PvE mode is being planned.
  • Server replays are in development.
  • Tank personalization has been divided into 3 stages – 1st one is introduced, other 2 should arrive this year. Stage 2 will bring more 2D customization capabilities, stage 3 – extended 3D personalization.
  • Programs for the elderly will come this year.
  • Lootboxes have been well received, but will only come on special occasions like the New Year.

It seems we have a loot to look forward to. Personally I’m mostly interested in the coming of a PvE mode in World of Tanks. What do you guys think of what is about to come this year? Are there specific things you’re looking forward to?

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