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WoT 1.0 | Live now with new tank!

Hello tankers,

when you all started the game this morning you could see that the new update, called WoT 1.0, went live! Finally! After more than 1 year of waiting and reading sneak peeks of all sorts we finally got the HD graphics that Wargaming promised us. Once again they are now one step ahead of the other development studios who create tank games, like f.e. Gaijin Entertainment with War Thunder and with Armored Warfare. While their games also provide us with great graphics, Wargaming went just one step further.

If you all want to see what we’re talking about, than just rush to the Wargaming Game Center and install the World of Tanks 1.0 update!

The most significant part of Update 1.0 is the overhaul of the underlying client tech. World of Tanks was visibly constrained by the BigWorld engine that simply couldn’t keep up with advancements in graphics technology. So Wargaming replaced it with a new Core engine.

The Core Engine (or EnCore) is developed by Wargaming’s in-house team. Meaning that this engine is tailored to the needs of the game and therefore provides a baseline mechanism for advancing the game’s visuals.

What can you expect from this update?

  • New graphics engine
  • performance optimization
  • refreshed maps
  • new map “Glacier”
  • new music


And that’s not all …

With this new update we also get a brand new French heavy tank, the Somua SM.

This French vehicle is very close to the regular AMX 50 100 but comes with its very own characteristics and features. One of them, for example, is the improved frontal armour that will reliably protect you from lower-calibre guns, and the autoloader gun with five shells but a pretty good reload time per shell. If you’re an avid fan of French autoloaders, there is just no way around the Somua SM!

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This vehicle can be bought in the Premium Shop in 3 different bundles. Go check it out!

That’s all folks! Go ahead and play this new HD update and let us know what you think of it! Use the comment section to do so!

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